Tips for buying a suitable sunshade


Which sunshade is suitable for my terrace or balcony?

Each outdoor area needs effective sun protection in summer, such as e.g. A sunshade, an awning, or a sun sail. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about sunshades so you can find the right one for your terrace or balcony. Order your umbrella online in our shop and let it conveniently deliver to your home.

Sunshades are available in all colors and sizes

However, modern sun protection can protect much more than just the sun. It protects against UV radiation and also looks very good. What kind of sunshade you choose depends on the space on your terrace or balcony and your personal ideas. Sunshades should first of all keep the sun. In addition, they are now also decorative elements and contribute to a cozy atmosphere. Thus, umbrellas protect against harmful UV radiation and provide soothing shadows. At the same time the correct sun protection visually evaluates your outdoor area.

How do I find the right sunshade?

Pay attention to the sun: Consider where the sun is in the course of the day. Your sunshade / sun sail should be placed so that it protects you from the sun during the main period of use. Do the children in the sandbox need a sunshade over the noon hours and if so, how must he stand?

Sunshades: Umbrella or hanging parasol?

The sunshades differ in their design. For example, market umbrellas are the classics in which the mast is located in the middle of the screen. Many market umbrellas can be folded to protect you from the sun. Umbrellas are incredibly versatile in terms of form, size, color and design. Moreover, they are often very easy and easy to move. With a sufficiently large umbrella stand and matching braces for attachment, this umbrella type can be very wind stable.

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If in the umbrella the floor in the middle is very disturbing, because often the umbrella can not be positioned above the table, perhaps a traffic light to your terrace.
Hanging parasols are often more modern and have the advantage that they offer more shade. The umbrella stand but the hanging parasol "hovers" over the table and the stand is positioned on the side of the seat group. This ensures that a lot more shadows are donated and the parasol does not need much space. In addition, many hanging parasols offer the possibility to turn the umbrella stand and to position the hanging parasol at a different location without having to move the heavy parasol base. The angle of inclination can also be adjusted so that the sun is not a problem.
Here are some cheap hanging parasols:

A parasol, which has a diameter of at least three meters, is referred to as a gastro-screen. Their robustness is typical of gastro-umbrellas because they are intended for frequent use and can therefore last for years.

Wall-mounted screens are a nice alternative for terraces that are located directly at the house. They are attached to the house wall and offer on small terraces enough shelter from the sun, without wasting space.

There are also special balcony umbrellas, beach umbrellas and parasols, depending on the location and type of use. In our shop you will also find umbrella accessories such as protective covers, parasol stands and balcony brackets.

All sunshades can be found in our shop.

Material and processing of umbrellas

Thanks to new materials and processing techniques, the UV resistance of umbrellas has been significantly increased in recent years. At the same time, the screen covers are now no longer so handsome, which considerably extends the durability of a sunshade. Therefore, when buying a sunshade, you should pay attention to how easy it is to use, how light-sensitive the fabric is and how well it prevents UV radiation. There are also sun screens with a polyacrylic covering. This provides very good protection against UV radiation, hardly blemishes and is water and dirt repellent. A couple more euros for a sunshade can really be worth it, as you'll probably have fun for a bit longer. Pay attention to a robust, resistant material that provides stability even in bad weather.

There are also many differences in umbrella stands. So you can choose a screen stand that is visually appealing but also solid. The offer ranges from the plastic stand, which is filled with water via massive granite umbrella stands, which are intended for screens, which should always stand in the same place.

Sunshades are opened differently depending on the type. Particularly heavy sunshades are opened or closed with a crank mechanism, since this saves some energy. This type of opening is particularly safe: If the crank is released during opening or closing, the screen remains in its position.

Belt tensioning mechanisms are also energy-saving. When opening, a rope is weighed, which leads over a pulley block and so the umbrella can be opened more easily. The cable is then fastened to the screen mast on a cable winder for fixing purposes.
An automatic telescope can then be very pleasant, if the screen has to be stowed quickly also space saving.

Rectangular sunshade

At the moment rectangular sunshades are particularly popular because they protect the often rectangular table from the sun very well and are so large that no one is dazzled by the sun.

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Conclusion: Depending on location and look you can choose from a huge selection of umbrellas. For a only less money more you get a high-quality sun protection, which not only protects you against UV radiation but also lasts for a long time.

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