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PHOTOS: Skagit Valley tulips (because they're gorg and we can't get enough)
On Tuesday, visitors from all over toured the many colorful rows of tulips along the tulip route, near Mount Vernon. Over one million bulbs are planted at RoozenGaarde's show garden, a popular stop along the route. Tap or click on the photo above to open ...

Festival officials say harsh winter won’t nip Tulip Time in the bud

Tulip mania
The tulip is one of the most popular spring flowering bulbs. It comes in almost all colors, except blue. Apparently plant breeders are getting closer to a true blue, but right now the "blue" tulips are more purple or lilac in color. Regardless, they are ...

Master Gardener: Let’s celebrate the ‘Year of the Tulip’
Blooms of some tulips even have a subtle fragrance. Tulips can be planted in zones 3 to 8. Like other hardy spring blooming bulbs, plant tulips in mid to late fall when soil temperature are 55 degrees F or cooler. October is a good time to plant as tulip ...

Scenery of tulips near Kamnik, Slovenia
More than two million tulips in Volcji Potok Arboretum and other spring bulbs which blossom at the end of April announce the arrival of spring. (Xinhua/Matic Stojs)

WSU giving away tulips
In a Facebook post shared on Wednesday, the university shared that each year, they pull the tulips as they prepare to plant new flowers for the summer. The university says everyone is welcome to "take bulbs home and plant them in their gardens and share ...

Kashmir’s Tulip Garden makes world record for highest number of bulbs
Asia’s largest tulip garden located on the foothills of Zabarwan Mountains has been included in the London-based World Book of Records (WBR) for witnessing a bloom of 12.25 lakh tulip bulbs this year. WBR is maintained by an organisation that works for ...

Canadian Tulip Festival May 11-21 in national’s capital
After returning to the Netherlands, the princess sought to thank Ottawa and the Canadian people with several gifts including 100,000 tulip bulbs. Since then the Dutch royal family has sent tulip bulbs to Canada's capital each year. The tulip is Ottawa's ...

A sure sign that spring is here: Netherlands tulip farms are striped with color
Red, pink, yellow and purple are favorites among the Dutch and their tourists. The area around Lisse is covered in fields of tulips. They’re grown primarily for bulbs, but some gardens are of the pick-your-own variety. Keukenhof is probably the most ...

Now’s the time to prepare bulbs for next year’s bloom — here’s how
Ensure that your tulips and other spring bulbs return reliably next season. (Thinkstock) Meet Mike next Saturday in Maryland! Mike will appear at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. April 28 during the Calvert County Home Show, at the Fairgrounds in Prince Frederick.

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