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A floating toy seller, burning cars and snow — what’s in store at La Boheme on Sydney Harbour
A crescendo of special effects, including one that Danny Deckchair would be proud of, will make for the biggest spectacle Opera Australia has ever staged on Sydney Harbour. OA artistic director Lyndon Terracini said director Andy Morton and designer Dan ...

10 of football's most amusing protests: sit-downs, hunger strikes... and a deckchair
“It’s not for you to demand things that you’re not entitled to,” barked German delegate Hans Deckert at West Germany’s 1974 World Cup winner Uli Hoeness, fresh from victory over the Dutch. Hoeness was furious when his wife Susi was asked to leave ...

The real-life Danny Deckchair
Mon and Andrew interview the real-life Danny Deckchair Canadian businessman Danny Boria, who tied himself to a bunch of helium balloons and took to the skies.

Darwin’s iconioc Deckchair Cinema open for the Dry
FAIRY lights, romantic chairs hanging under a fig tree and the powerful tale of an African women’s theatre troupe — it’s all happening under the stars at Deckchair Cinema. The iconic outdoor venue will open tonight to herald the start of the Dry season.

More aggressive enforcement on deckchair and umbrella operators – Konrad Mizzi
Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi has insisted that the authorities will step up enforcement on deckchair and umbrella operations at public beaches. Asked by The Malta Independent about the ongoing abuse of public beaches by deckchair and umbrella operators ...

Kamp Emerġenza Ambjent warns it will take direct action unless deckchair abuse is curbed
Kamp Emerġenza Ambjent has demanded that the authorities crack down on abusive practises by beach deckchair operators. Several beaches around Malta and Gozo had been taken over by commercial entities which place deckchairs and umbrellas there from very ...

This week 50 years ago – The biggest deckchair bargain in the country
House-building was on the agenda in Weston-super-Mare 50 years ago. Ideas for where homes could be built were included in the Weston Mercury and Somerset Herald. Here is the news from 1967. Pupils of Mrs Ula J. Rigg and a tutorial group from Lancaster ...

Free deckchair passes for over 60s should not be scrapped, say Weymouth and Portland Borough Councillors
Councillors have voted against scrapping free deckchair passes for over 60s after a backlash from locals. Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s policy development committee voted to keep the 30-year-old policy in place for residents over 60 using ...

Concern over Weymouth and Portland Borough Council plan to review free deckchair policy
RENEWED concerns have been expressed about a plan to withdraw the free deckchair offer for older residents of Weymouth and Portland. Council chiefs have been accused of being ‘penny pinchers’ for proposing the money-saving measure. There is also ...

Deckchair Cinema relief as Landbridge hotel proposal targets new site
The Northern Territory Government has ruled out developing a luxury hotel on a park beside Darwin's open-air cinema and says it is negotiating with Chinese company Landbridge over the proposal at a new site. The Deckchair Cinema had warned such a ...

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