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New Official 2012 London Olympics Union Jack Flag Deckchair Sling Cover cheap
New Official 2012 London Olympics Union Jack Flag Deckchair Sling Cover
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$ 21.88
Low priced New Official 2012 London Olympics Union Jack Flag Deckchair Sling Cover buy

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These are the six worst types of people on a cruise – so which one are YOU?
From the deckchair hogs to the spa slugs, there are plenty of travellers who can ruin your day on-board. Escape have revealed the cruisers from hell who refuse to play by the rules of the ship – here’s how to pick them out. You’ve woken up early just ...

Developers lose city centre flats appeal
An appeal by developers to turn the site of an historic former Leicester pub into apartments has been turned down. Developers Deckchair Ltd had proposed to demolish The Black Boy pub building, at the corner of Albion Street and Chatham Street, and replace ...

Danny Deckchair screens for free at Windsor Library December 14
Danny Deckchair has one of those storylines that are so outlandish you know it must have been based on a true story as no-one would make up something so unlikely. Based on an American man’s flight in 1982, the Australian movie made in 2003 is Council’s ...

Win tickets to Camelot Outdoor Cinema
Sink into a deckchair or grab a beanbag and relax under the stars for another great summer of cinema at Camelot Outdoor in the beating heart of Mosman Park. The 2017-18 season kicks off on 7 December and features the latest and best films, advance ...

Honey Hahs interview: It’s not like the Jackson 5 where music's our whole life
There’s footage online of him busking in a deckchair with an electric guitar on the muddy bank of the Thames, and a very strange one of him giving a surreal history of the coffee bean while hammering a pack of coffee powder on the kitchen table.

From high-tech lipsticks to Oprah's favourite shower caps: FEMAIL rounds up the ultimate Christmas gift guide under $50 for the women in your life
Designed in Australia, the product is a miniature deckchair for your head, outfitted with a pillow made out of 100 per cent cotton. The Australian founder was inspired to launch the design during a trip to South America, when he noticed people were ...

Titanic deckchair sells at auction for $150,000
A mahogany deckchair from the doomed Titanic has sold at auction to a private collector in Britain for $150,000. The chaise, from the first-class deck of the luxury liner that sank on its maiden voyage on April 14, 1912, was found floating in the North ...

Grandfather calls 999 after getting wedged in deckchair
A grandfather had no choice but to call 999 after his deckchair caved in as he enjoyed a Cornetto. Des Badcock, 82, of Somerset, was left with his feet dangling in the air after the canvas seat ripped and his behind got wedged in the metal frame.

Deckchair theatre brings down the curtain after 30 years
Independent theatre company Deckchair is closing its Fremantle doors, highlighting the daily struggle of smaller performing arts companies to survive. In sad news for the Western Australian theatre scene, Fremantle independent theatre company Deckchair is ...

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