Dear hobby gardeners or those who still want to become one

garden ideas for beginners

Many people dream of their own garden. In my opinion this is understandable.
In a time when we are getting more and more stressed out and we always have less free time, we yearn for a retreat where we are the boss and whom we can design according to our own ideas. No one is going to make a rules how your own garden should look. And if you have created something with your own hands, if you created a small world according to your ideas, you can relax there much better ;-).
This website is for those who are interested in gardens and now are lucky have their own garden. If you still have no idea of ​​gardening, you stand there and do not know where to start. I have heard from many people that their opinion is that they do not have a "green thumb", and their dream of agarden according to their own wishes is too complicated they think. Notice the following: Everyone can create his own little oasis with little background knowledge! A beautiful garden is not witchcraft. And I will help you with practical garden ideas.

On we provide valuable tips for beginners and some useful garden design ideas. So, for example, you will learn how to plan your garden from the very first step, everything you need to know about the "front garden" or what you should pay attention to in the start so that the effort is paid off and your first garden project will not become a fiasco. So I give tips for small gardens and how to make them look bigger. The whole thing is easy to understand and very important: You do not need any previous knowledge and step by step you´ll be a pro.

Because the right planning for your garden is the essential thing, so that the plants do not pine away, I give you an overview of the months of gardening. For example, which plants should be cut back at what time or how and when you should make your plants ready for overwinter.

Which gardening tool is the best? Which lawn mower is most favorable? With our advice, they never pay too much. We introduce you different kinds of pools, cheap children's toys for the garden and we show you grill accessories for your next garden party. We introduce you to the types of hammocks, which you must pay attention to when buying a garden chair and show you wonderful ideas for the garden decoration. Do you need a new garden house? This does not have to be expensive.

In the shop you find everything you need for gardening, no matter if beginner or pro. Because the gardener is only as good as his garden tools ;-).
Find beautiful garden benches, sitting groups for the terrace or a cheap garden fence. Our shop displays the best-selling products first! Do you want to create a terrace or redesign the terrace? Or create a garden path? So you will also find examples for favorable garden furniture, grills, plant seeds, mowing machines, garden decoration or pest protection. Just what makes your gardener heart beat faster. Search in one of the categories or enter a search term directly.
Tip: Items, sorted by "Most Viewed" are very popular with gardeners. The chance to buy a high-quality but also cheap item is quite high.
Since this site is still under construction and is constantly expanded, check out now and then just in time, to see what's new there :-).

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