Cool grill accessories for your next garden party

With this grill accessory grilling is even more fun!

With the smoker chips, your meat gets the American BBQ flavor

With these smoker chips, you give both meat, fish and vegetables a wonderful smoky aroma. You can smoke about 30 minutes with a hand-held smoke chip. The Wood Smoking Chips are, if the manufacturer does not write otherwise, suitable for all grills.

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In a gas grill, they are soaked in water for approx. 2 hours and placed in an aluminum dish on the grill grate.
They must not be soaked in closed charcoal grills. After the charcoal is burned, the air supply of the grill is reduced to a minimum, the chips are spread over the glowing coal and close the lid when grilling.
In the case of open charcoal grills, the smoker chips are also placed on the glowing coal, but they have been soaked in water for two hours beforehand.
Then Bon Appetit 🙂

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